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Now procuring green energy reduces carbon emission and secures the future of food.

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Agrivoltaics brings new opportunities for you to get involved in agriculture and energy transition.

Organisations can procure green power through long-term contracts to safeguard against expected electricity prices increases by locking in fixed costs for their electricity and the associated renewable attributes for a maximum period of 25 years. Voltaics Alpha works with farmers and agriculture organisation to install solar plants on farm land. Agrivoltaics refers to a practice for the simultaneous use of land for agricultural food production and PV electricity production. The design innovations ensure maximum solar energy generation is achieved without affecting the crop productivity. Agrivolitaics not only generates solar energy but also helps in water and soil conservation, many crops grow better under the shade. Voltaics Alpha uses scientifically demonstrated and piloted processes for energy and food security enablement.

Voltaics Alpha works to increase land efficiency and enables the expansion of PV while preserving arable land for agriculture. The energy generated is cheaper compared to coal based power plants.

Reducing an organization’s environmental impact is one of the main motivations for buying green power. This may be driven internally by employees and shareholder initiatives, and externally by a desire to improve brand image and perception of the organization among its stakeholders and customers. If an organization is interested in creating a third-party certified environmental management system (e.g., ISO-14001 certification for environmental performance) or is preparing for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for its building or facilities, purchasing green power could be important for attaining the certification standards.

Why buy green energy?

Buying green power affords an opportunity for and builds on existing public recognition and public relations activities. Companies that are in the public eye benefit from being responsive to the concerns of environmentally conscious customers, shareholders, regulators and other constituents.

There are several factors that can affect green power costs, these factors include the following:

- Duration and terms of contract

- Available incentives for green power

- Location of the generator or consumer

If your organisation has a mandate to make create a positive environment impact by utilising solar energy for commercial applications, Voltaics Alpha can guide you to make the transition easy. Connect with us to understand how you can help achieve carbon emission reduction, reduce energy bills, and secure agriculture.

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