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How Solar Energy Can Power Your ESG Goals

Consumers and investors push for more solid commitments and greater transparency in Environmental and Social matters. In the near future there’s a possibility that even small and medium businesses will need take efforts into reducing their carbon footprints. Standardised reporting, renewable power obligations, formation of Social Stock Exchange, and many other national steps are aimed at developing climate equity and reducing carbon footprints.

Voltaics Alpha uses agrivoltaics systems to generate solar energy, which offers an opportunity to improve ESG metrics and reporting while simultaneously reducing reliance on the weakening and volatile coal based electricity and saving costs for immediate and long term basis. While a commercial solar energy system’s impact is primarily environmental, agrivoltaics solar energy combines social factor that can boost an organisations ESG ratings further. Drawing power from agrivoltaics solar farms reduces strain on the grid, ensures farming, prevents livelihood loss. Solar energy is at times when the city organisations use more electricity than normal — such as during peak summer. Consuming solar energy also supports creation of green jobs, training workers for the transition to a green economy, and giving back to the community.

Your organisation can partner with Voltaics Alpha to take advantage of solar energy. These are few benefits mapped:

- use solar energy without any investment

- reduce your overall electricity costs

- pre-integrated with the grid to provide 24x7 electricity

- carbon emissions reduction from coal based electricity plants

- no need to maintain solar plants at site

When committing to ESG goals, many businesses find that utilising solar power is the simplest and most cost-effective method to quickly realise significant environmental and sustainability-related ESG goals.

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