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Scaling energy transition

Efficient, interconnected, people-centered clean energy transitions and technology based mitigations. Together we can achieve climate equity in this finite carbon world.

We are in the midst of a global energy crisis, a challenge of incomparable complexity that has no precedent. India has a critical decade for developing and delivering a more secure, sustainable and affordable energy system based on solar. But the growth in renewable energy generation is directly proportional to availability of land. This has raised concerns amongst different stakeholders. As per 2020 agricultural statistics report published by Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, the highest land use category in India is for agriculture. With net sown area accounting for over 45 percent in 2015-16, which employs 54.6% of the total workforce directly and in allied sector activities as per Census 2011.

Voltaics Alpha is taking a holistic approach to energy security that helps to solve issues of energy poverty, protects livelihood and maintains food security while reducing emissions.

Wheat Plant
Image by Fré Sonneveld
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Agrivoltaics for energy and food security

According to UN General Assembly President Abdulla Shahid, amid a global energy crisis, climate change and renewables are sharply in focus. At the same time, increasing climate resilience across food systems will be needed to counter rising hunger and malnutrition.

But can we grow better crops under solar panels? 


Scientific studies show many crops thrive when grown in this way. Various innovative designs ensure that crop productivity remains unaffected. It also helps in water and soil conservations. Several pilots have been undertaken in the last decade and the future of agrivoltaics is highly promising.


Voltaics Alpha works with partner organisation to develop new agrivoltaics solar plants.


Technology and Operations

Agrivoltaic systems generate electricity in the same way as conventional photovoltaic systems. Based on crop and geography several design innovations enable reliable operations.


Policy and Guidelines

Central and state level policies supports generation, supply and usage of solar energy. It ensures legal ownership of lands to farmers and safeguards interest of stakeholders.


Financial Analysis

Rigorous analysis and modeling is undertaken for unit economics estimation for 25 year period. It includes PV module pricing, degradation, civil work, weather patterns and other factors. 

Clean Energy Solutions

SDGs in Action

Voltaics Alpha is working on clean energy using agrivoltaics as an important pillar for the carbon emission reduction, wellbeing of the people as well as economic development and food security.

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